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What Are the Pros and Cons of Hosting Your Own eCommerce Platform?

Ever since the proliferation and mass adoption of mobile devices, people nowadays are enjoying online shopping which prompts owners of brick and mortar shops to establish their own ecommerce websites.
To be able to cater to a more global audience brings about a chance for you to get really rich because of this.

Aside from getting the services of the best web hosting companies out there, there are some business owners that would prefer hosting their own websites.

So today, I am going to go over some of the pros and cons of hosting your own ecommerce platform.

Paid Hosting VS Self-Hosting

Before I begin, I must first make a distinction. Paid hosting is where you pay the services of ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, Woocommerce, and so much more.

The advantage here is that you get to pay them for their services and they will be the ones to do all of the dirty work so that you do not have to.

Self-hosting is pretty much like driving your own car. You pretty much have all of the freedom but it also means that you will be the one to do the heavy lifting.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Self-Hosting

One of the major benefits of running your own ecommerce platform is that you get to have full control over what happens. You can pretty much customize everything- either by yourself or by hiring web developers.

Another major benefit is you own pretty much everything. You do not have to ask for consent if you want to change something on the platform as you are basically the owner of it.

Now for the downsides. Running your own ecommerce platform has its disadvantages and one of the things that you have to be wary about is that you are on your own in terms of managing everything.
Sure, you can hire web developers to help you build your platform, but you will be the one to make the calls and do your own research, etc.

Another major disadvantage of self-hosting your own platform is that it costs a significant amount of money. Unless you own a really huge business, this is not feasible for small and medium business owners.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Paid Hosting

One major benefit of paid hosting is that you just pay web hosting platforms to do everything for you. In addition, you get to choose which services you want exactly by choosing the right plans based on different price tiers.

Furthermore, paid hosting is great when it comes to troubleshooting because all you have to do is make them aware of the issue or issues at hand and they will be the ones to solve the problems for you.

As for the disadvantage? Well, you are pretty much subject to the terms and conditions set by your chosen web hosting provider. You must follow these rules; else you will be penalized for not following their terms of service.

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